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(With apologies for cross-posting)

We are looking for exceptional candidates for full-time postgraduate study in the Department of Typography at Reading. The University will award one AHRC-funded studentship for our practice-based MA programmes: Book Design, Information Design or Typeface Design, with entry in October 2011.

We will also be putting candidates forward for doctoral and MA studentships funded by the University of Reading.

These schemes offer different levels of support depending on your country of origin and residence (AHRC is only open to UK/EU applicants, but UoR to all nationals. They are very competitive. Read the details, and if you have questions email Carolyn Davidson at . The links below are thin on details; if you are interested, email Carolyn at first instance, with a description of your background and area of work. If you are a current student you will need to be predicted a high grade at graduation. Be prepared to work very quickly to put in a good application, and think about possible referees.

Send your completed applications (including two references) to Elaine Harris by Friday 18th February 2011 at Joint Faculty Admissions Office, University of Reading, HUMSS 126D, Reading RG6 6AA ( Ms. Harris will also be the first point of contact for any enquiries relating to the competition. See and .

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(AHRC is only open to UK/EU applicants, but UoR .


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I once applied for an AHRC grant, but was turned down by a jury of my "peers".
If you're a working professional, you will have a tough time impressing the academics with your application.
I even had assistance from a department head in preparing my application, but it was still met with withering derision by the powers that be.

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Craig, sorry: something missing there (fixed). The AHRC pay fees and living expenses to UK residents, or fees only to EU residents. The University's own studentships are open to all nationalities. The rationale is clear: the funding council uses tax revenue, so the benefits should go to taxpayers. The University has more independence, so it can afford to seek out the very best worldwide. (Jo de Baerdemaeker, from Belgium, and Myra Thiessen, from Canada, were recent award holders. Titus Nemeth, an Austrian, is a current one.)

The AHRC professional preparation studentships are primarily intended for recent graduates or professionals relatively early in their career who can make a convincing argument for support in their developing specialised skills. The UoR studentships are different, in that they have a clear research focus; no terminal practical element in these proposals.

Nick, I am not sure what in your own experience is relevant to an announcement of funding opportunities for MA students. The AHRC studentship I refer to has nothing to do with the system of research grants or fellowships, which I suspect you would have applied for. But you seem to have little respect for a process you deride? Why apply if you don't trust the system? (No need to answer.)

In any case, this is money that can make the difference between "I can" and "I can't" for someone to realise a life-changing goal. Any such opportunity should be welcomed.

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I am sure there are several capable young people who would fit your requirements. Hopefully your financial aid is available to countries such s India?


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Chris, one studentship only for UK or EU, and the rest for worldwide applicants. The worldwide ones are in an open competition with other departments, so the level is exceptionally high; but, as I mentioned, we've got an excellent track record of getting them.

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