(x) condensed sans with funky 'g' - Pakt {Yves}

Thanks guys! :-)


YouWorkForThem’s Pakt. Interestingly, Gareth Hague — Alias — 
has just released Cactus with a similarly funky lc ‘g’.

merci bien!
Does this get boring to you after a while, Yves? ;-)

De rien, c’est avec plaisir. :-)
No, it never gets boring: I live for the thrill of the hunt! Plus it’s an
excellent ego-booster.
And it’s very satisfying to be able to help people, so whaddayaknow.

“Cactus with a similarly funky lc ‘g’.”

Yep, I’ve noticed that too :-) Even compared the two g’s :P. I own PAKT, it’s a very nice font but it’s one of those I’ve only used it once…