Charmingly awkward sans-serifs

I've been seeing a few similar styled typefaces lately. They seem to share a similar aesthetic of the single story 'a' and usually have a slight awkward quality to them. Do you think most of these are made by the designers or are there typefaces like this out there?

A few I know that are similar are Neuzeit Grotesk, Planeta, of course Futura

I really like the way the 'e' terminal is cut almost awkardly short in the top example.


You might like NBGrotesk too.

I found this in an old training book for sign painters:

I think it was simply called »Blockschrift«.

Looks very much like some of the Berlin subway signs — which I guess makes sense.

Those are great. I really like the specimen you posted Jens. Gives some helpful insight into creating my own version at some point. Seems most of these typefaces have a German origin.