Professional advice needed.

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Hey there fellow typophiles, I am a design student in need of some help. I need to create a logotype/brandmark for myself. My name is Nico and I think I have settled on a design I like that utilizes Gill Sans regular with some illustator work added. I want to know what professionals think about it just to see where I am or if I'm just kidding myself. Absolutely any critique or question you have is welcomed, good or bad. thank you.

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I read nicc?
You should work first in black & white, and add colour later.
Also, working with geometric and/or stencil visuals, n appears out of place. Adding a gap in it could resolve both problems.
Finally, you should revise spacing.

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Yeah... Is it nico, or nicc), or niccc?

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Agreed; part of the problem may be that the stencil-type gap in the 'o' is wider than the spaces between the letters, yes?

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\i\ – \c\ needs some more space. It looks like you messed up the stencil-o — it’s not symmetrical. Start with the proper o and use a gap that has a relationship with the thin part of the \n\. To complete the look and maintain logic you should also cut the \n\.
Reposition the dot on \i\ - it should be centered on the stem!

Coulourwise: there is too much contrast between the olive-shade and the dirty blue. Up the olive.

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wow! thank you everyone for your advice these are things which I would have never caught. It helps getting a look at it from a different pair of eyes, especially if those eyes are professionals. I'll definitely fix the spacing and try something with the n. Thanks a million everyone.

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Once you make all the changes mentioned so far...maybe, just maybe, apply the same treatment to the tittle? Perhaps just add the break without a counter? Shrug. It might add interest and continuity, it might not. Worth checking out at least, IMO.

I also recommend printing your work in progress, in multiple sizes from an inch upward. It may seem counter intuitive since you can zoom on a computer, but it's amazing what you see on paper that you miss on a monitor. Oh, and I agree with Riccard0 that working in black and white is an absolute must until the design is finished. Add color last.

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The tittle is not directly above the stem of i and it's a little too small.

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Great, thanks for the advice, I'll try the tittle with a break and see how it looks. and I definitely have to work in B/W .

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