STEELERS!!! Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

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Yes! on to the AFC Championship!!!!
Thanks to the old guys on the team!


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So, repeat Seahawks Steelers Super Bowl, Si?

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I did my best for you Chris!


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Way to go, Mr Clark!

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GO JETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy B-Day bro :)

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"I got a feelin'...Pittsburgh's Goin' to the Superbowl!"

Thanks, 5star!

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To bad my Cowboys decided to show up after mid season. It would have been a thing of beauty to play for the big prize in the new building ...sigh.

Go Packers Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your Cowboys suffer from the same disease as the Redskins, Head too Big for their Hat ;-)

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i thought they were called helmets in football,
anyway, i hope it was happy! :^D
(sounds like it was)

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Thanks, Paul!

Hope all is well with you?

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