The T Files: Emoticon As An Ending Paren?

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An old friend of mine from Brooklyn, NY, Michelle Herman, professor of creative writing/comparative lit at Ohio State University posted using an emoticon as an ending paren.
As in her quip:
"OK, I hereby declare myself in charge of deciding how to punctuate using a parenthetical emoticon: said emoticon WILL do double-duty as a close-parenthesis. (And that is the last word on that subject :)"

Hmmmm... Whaddaya think? It is economical. (This is certainly a case for the Typophiles :-)

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Reckon her right-leaning smileys will be expected to moonlight as opening parens, then.

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I’ve always done that. Just like I wouldn’t add a period to a line ending with etc.

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Hmm, I think I like the economy of it.

What about when you need to write 'I.T.' followed by a colon?

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Well, times are hard.)
(that's a one-eyed man smiling)

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What about when you need to write 'I.T.' followed by a colon?

I will use both period and colon, like this I.T., not a beauty, but clashing punctuation rarely is, but at least there isn’t a repetition like )) or .. (the latter case particularly unwanted, since it could be mistaken for an unborn ellypsis).

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(But what if your emoticon isn't smiling? :^(             ...)

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It’s simple (like this)^:

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