Seeking Advice: Web Font like Myriad Pro

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My company is updating our website and like the rest of the world has been doing, I want to update our site to include the fonts that we use in our identity. Unfortunately, we use Myriad Pro in a wide range of styles and Myriad Web only has 5 fonts ( that don't really cover our needs. So, I'm looking for a suggestion for a typeface that we can use that is similar to Myriad Pro but available as a web font. I'd really like something with light, black and condensed versions. Any suggestions?

The image is just a clip of some of the different styles we intend to use.

Thanks for any help!

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FF Fago Web & FF Meta Web both have condensed versions and a wide range of weights.

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Even if Myriad Web would have a complete weight set available, I do not recomend it for languages where W is often used. When rendered on screen, Myriad Web's w has a very dark middle, as if the stems were duplicated. Hope Adobe correct this in a next version, with more weights.

Si_Daniels's picture seem to offer most weights and styles of Frutiger for webfont use, eg.

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Yeah, Neue Frutiger seems to be the best choice. But why is the website so hard to use? Geeze...

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Does anyone use Segoe or Corbel - not as web fonts, but just specified in the CSS? Segoe is not that different from Myriad, and a lot of Windows machines have it. Corbel is becoming common on Windows machines too.

There would be size issues - at the same pixel size I think Segoe looks really big, so that could be a challenge. But maybe this would work?

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