Proper baseline for "c" in McGlaughlin

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My father insists that the "c" in McGlaughlin should be aligned to the top of the M with a line underneath. I have not seen this before and so I pose the question to my fellow designers. Is what he speaks true?

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I've seen it before, so someone thinks that it's proper form. Humor the old men...

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I've seen that done as well. The question is why.
More here.

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Looking at that other thread, and then doing an image search, the raised c is common, but it exists in different forms; aligned with the top, or not quite reaching the top, and with one line, two lines, or two dots, or nothing, under it.

My understanding, though, contrary to some things said in that thread, is that "Mc" and "Mac" are two quite distinct prefixes. Yes, in the dim and misty remote ages of ancient time, they came from a common origin, but today it's no more correct to say that "Mc" is in error, and should be changed to "Mac" than to try and tell the people named Peter, Pierre, Pedro and Pyotr that they should all spell their names the same way (presumably as Petros).

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It probably started as a ligature to save space with a sloping M.

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IMO the dash is a substitution of a dot. Another use in this manner is pricing with the two decimals raised, over a line.

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