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This is Global Sans

I'm a little worried about weight distribution within a letter and in relation to other letters, I thought I had the lowercase figured out but I keep sensing inconsistencies.
I'm trying to get the best spacing possible without any kerning, of course I only realized what a disaster spacing is at the moment when I generated the OTF :D

So just as a background this evolved from sketches of letterforms, I was kinda studying how to build a sans serif rather than write it. The closest letters now to the early sketches are a, e and t and I hope all the others match them. Also it had a short life as a custom typeface for a not-for-profit here in Toronto. It was going to be used in Power Point and Word this is why I'm using straight lines whenever possible (I have the impression that this gives consistent digital rendering as opposed to subtle curves, but I don't know if that's even true)

So any feedback on the issues mentioned above, please bring it on. But also any suggestions on letter shapes and if there's any inconsistency there I'm glad to hear it.

Thank you.

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At a quick glance, the lower case "a" looks a bit "squarish" compared to all the other round letter shapes. The lower "tail" on lowercase "g" is maybe a bit too long. Apart from that it's a good start.

Regarding the name "Global" it's already taken in a few variations, so you might have to rethink?





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Thanks Stefan.
I made subtle changes to the a. You're right it was a bit too squarish.
To be honest I looked for typefaces with the name Global and didn't find any. Thanks for bringing the issue up. I will certainly consider changing the name.

I will upload a new PDF when I finish the numeral 8 and the punctuation.

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The "a" looks much better now. The tails on "g" and "y" are to long for my taste though. Anyway keep it up!


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