What the font?

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I wonder if anyone knows what the font is that? Help would be appreciated, thanks for your time!

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It's so small, it's difficult for me to tell. It looks like it may be Houschka Pro

Using some of the alternate characters:

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No, I think I'm wrong. The M in the sample is different (it comes to a point, Houschka's doesnt), and does the tail on the R is not as curly.

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I didn't get the larger image, because the file has some time and the font is lost, it's all I got and I know it might be too difficult. Houschka is pretty cool too, but has some differences as you mentioned. Thanks Minimalista!

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I'm pretty sure it's Gotham with R either customized or borrowed from Houschka.

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It is fairly similar to Houschka Pro, but my M doesn't come to a point and my Z does, and the R leg has more curl as you say. I'd also be interested to know what it is.

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Thanks for the insight fellas you were really helpful, Alex I tried Gotham, it looks very similar as well, but Houschka posted by Nick would be the best match I guess, maybe there are little tweaks there in my image.

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