Programming OpenType Font with FontLab 5 to have size restrictions

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Does anyone know how to set some parameters that restrict a font to specific sizes? In my case, I need the character to be no smaller than 12pt and no bigger than 72pt. I would like the character to change to another character for sizes smaller than 12pt or bigger than 72pt.

Is this sort of thing possible in FontLab 5 with the OpenType programming panel?


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No. There is an optical size feature in OpenType but no relevant software actually supports it.

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Also, realistically, such a restriction would be impractical. Let's say you set a line of text at 71pt using your font, and then you zoom in the page by 200%. What should happen? The declared font size will still be 71pt, but the displayed size will be 142pt. Should the font not render? Disappear? Be substituted by another font?

Practically speaking, there are no real measurement units which you could use to set these kinds of limits. Imagine a font being used on a website. The web page can be rendered onto a tiny smartphone screen and onto a huge screen, with different zoom levels, different relations between CSS pixels and point sizes, and real pixels. The fact is that fonts, and layouts, these days are *scalable* — completely scalable. Introducing limits to the scalability would be somewhat artificial and would essentially not work well in many cases.


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Thanks for the feedback. Trying to explain the "completely scalable" factor of fonts to my client is sometimes difficult, but these posts will be helpful to me for added explaination...

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