Egnater guitar amp script logo complaint

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Because it's hilarious to me, I thought I'd share a link to a huge multi-page rant about the logo emblazoned across the front of Egnater guitar amplifiers. The website is a site about guitar gear, like amps and effects and stuff.

[Bad link]

Anyway, here is the logo that they are complaining about, the great big scripty "Egnater":

$.50 to the person who points out the bigger issue with the design :p

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If people want a classy looking amp they need to STFU and save up for a Dumble.

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And Spring!

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Ha ha, I hadn't looked it up, but good call Michael. How could anyone confuse that with Brush Script, like in the original forum discussion? Spring has much more life to it, that lower case g in particular.

In fact, these lower case g's look pretty ugly to me.

Brush Script Std Medium

Brush Script MT Italic

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Apart from the fact that Egnatur has been slightly boldened up by adding a bit of stroke I don’t see anything wrong with the logo… (maybe I need better glasses).

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The knobs only go up to 10?

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Instead of 11?

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