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hand written tattoo style font (identify pls)

Normally i dont second guess other "designers" but there are many things that make me question this person hand drew this typeface.
So im looking for anyone who might have seen it before, specifically the lower case glyphs since the uppers are easily modified for variation(unless you are a complete newb).



Similars: Billy Argel Font, VTC Nue Tatto Script, some others at Legacy Of Defeat (Hydro74)

Also check out Piel Script by Ale Paul at Sudtipos

It doesn't look 100% custom to me because the the upper case and lower case don't quite match. L & K look like broad pen calligraphy while the lower case look like brush strokes. The swashes help unite them.

Ryuk, it looks similar to billy argel font, but notice the sharp tips inside the "e" are on the left side typically where youd start the stroke and you'd continue that flow to the end of the character. the "argel" font has a style that is similar but almost backwards in the sense it starts at the same point and loops around the hook of the e and then reverses direction and flows to the end of the character.

SE piel script is actually quite different.

Justin_ch, at first i didn't think it(my screenshot) was custom but looking over it again the e's are identical, but the a's are not. the first a has a slight tip on the left edge of it where the 2nd a doesn't and also seems slightly elongated.

I almost feel like the chars were cut/pasted from other peoples work and combined together.
some chars have very similar components when compared to this image http://maxx242.com/images/typography3t.jpg
especially the h(except for the bottom swirl) and the top tips of some of the letters (h, b, etc).

So im thinking the girl who said she drew this by hand is lying, and just butchered some other designers works and put them together with some other swirls to make the logo/typeface.


ps. thanks for the help.