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Hey crew,
I'm designing a logo typeface for a contemporary culture magazine: Citizen Magazine.
It's a rough sketch but I've been slowly chopping away at it for a while and I just can't look at it anymore in a critical way.

any feedback?


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Sorry, but it reads "aTSZEN" because the c is morphing into the i and the second i doesn't match the first.

When I lose objectivity, I have to take an overnight break from the project. I also find it helpful to print it out at multiple sizes; it's truly amazing what paper and ink reveals.

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Right, Thanks alaskan. I should have seen the 'a' comment coming.
Is combination of slab and regular serif appropriate?
Thanks for viewing!

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Beware of stylistic similarities with Danzk logo (which also appears to be some sort of lifestyle magazine) -

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