Please identify this font

I know what it's not (it's not OCR-B, Din, Conduit, Gotham)... but I'm having trouble narrowing it down. A bit frustrating because it looks so familiar...

Thanks in advance!


Hi, it looks like the PTF-Notes family from Primetype : Notes-Bold.

Thanks for trying. It's certainly in the ballpark, quite similar in many ways... I was very hopeful when I started looking at it... but in the end it's not it.

The G and A are quite different if you look carefully, as are the other letters, albeit more subtly.

Can anyone else venture a guess or offer an idea as to what font this might be?

And to the dedicated folks monitoring this forum: Please don't mark this query as answered. It isn't!


Arf, my appologies for this mistake. :/
I've look too quickly at the letter shapes.
Sorry again and good luck for your search