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Ultrablack geometric sans on 50s-70s Hungarian Poster

This is off one of a series of industrial information posters from the communist era in Hungary that I bought in Budapest a few years ago. (The other posters have different typefaces, ranging from Gill Sans to Helvetica and a few more more-or-less interesting ones I can't identify, might post them later if there's interest.) The text reads: "do not touch the oxygen flasks with oily greasy hands". Design in Hungary was good but tended to change less with the times, therefore the very wide time range.

I've photographed, cropped, cleaned up and tried to straighten this as best I could, though it's still a bit warped. Whatthefont turns up nothing. Any ideas? Some of the letterforms are slightly awkward (especially the g) but overall I like it a lot.


I'd venture to say that it's homemade but, yes, it has a certain naïve appeal to it...

You're probably right - I've got some other ones I like in the same series that clearly are hand drawn, even some more professional-looking ones than this, and now that I look closely at it the individual lettershapes are subtly different. Pity. :)

Are you planning on reproducing the poster exactly or just looking for something with a similar feel for another purpose?

Mostly it's just curiosity, I wasn't really planning any applications. :) I'm too much of a poor student to be able to buy any commercial font I vaguely like anyway.

Thank you for the lovely samples anyway! :)

WhatTheFont also suggested Dobra Black and Big Stuff, both of which would work great unless I was really after the squared-off look or something genuinely from the time.

Here's the full-size poster in case anyone is interested, stains and pins intact. (It was cheap.) Not one of my favourites except for the type, the colours are a bit dull.