Pairing a sans with Fedra Serif

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I'm looking at using Fedra Serif-A Book for all the body text on varying publications at the church I work at. I was wondering what sans you would pair with it for headings. Obviously other than Fedra Sans which I'm not a fan of. I'm looking for something very neutral.

Also, a more open question, how do you go about pairing two typefaces? What technical things do you look for? And any particularly successful examples of this would be appreciated.


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Hi Samuel
I used Fedra serif for one of my client with the font "Chalet 60: London and New-york" from House industry (the "Paris-60" cut is too thin):
I think it works well.
Best regards

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You could also try FF Fago or FF Unit for headings.

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Fedra Sans Alt?

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On picking and pairing type, Hoefler & Frere-Jones sent out an email last year that is both beautiful and informative:

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I quite like chalet but it lacks small caps and text figures which I love using.

Just looked at fago and unit and I noticed they are very similar in design to fedra, as in they both look like modern humanist faces. I've always been under the impression that you don't pair similar typefaces.

Just thinking now and after reading the link I want quite a bit of contrast in the styles.

I attached some examples below

Avenir Next SC
Fedra Sans (don't have alt for now)

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As mentioned above, there are different approaches.

But looking at your example, I see your point.
I think the wider Fago would work better.
Also, de Groot’s Corpid comes to mind, it shares the more fluid feel without beeing too playful (as Fedra Sans).

As you’re looking for more contrast, have a look at FF Kievit:

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Taz works great with Fedra.

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thanks for all the advice.
I'm going with Corpid, cheers Joerg

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