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I am working on the logo redesign of E&P Federal Credit Union and would like some input on what I have so far. For a little background, E&P has been the federal credit union for employees of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (hence E&P) but they are looking for a brand new look as their clientele demographic and business model shifts. Their main group of members now come from both a few local colleges and employees of the environmental protection agency. They are also planning to shut down many branches and become more of a virtual financial institution, where almost all banking services would occur through a new website.

What they want to say with their new look:
• Professional and trusted
• Helping the environment (by going all virtual)
• Friendly/personal
• Secure
• approachable to Generation Y
• Change name from E&P (acronym for Engraving and Printing) to EP (acronym for absolutely nothing)
…you get the idea, the same thing every financial institution wants to be viewed as

Here are the general concepts for the three logos you see below:

First image is their current logo.

• Reinvention of the infinity symbol to incorporate the letters EP
• Interlocking letters are secure yet kinetic…like your money should be
• Rounded letters are friendly

• Arrow pointing up…towards the future and showing positive growth
• Also feels like a protective roof
• again, round and bold shapes feel friendly

• This is a leaf...I know, cheesy but I'm thinking money tree and the environment both connect to "leaf"

Any conversation about this work would be helpful and appreciated.

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Please, not another leaf logo! ;-)

I would work on the first one. Make it completely b&w (no gradients for the moment), try a spurless p, experiment different solutions for the wordmark (maybe the three words vertically stacked).

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#1. i like infinity idea, but not feeling how the e connects to the p. it feels/looks awkward. wonder if you reversed the connection to e's stem to the p's bowl. might flow better, maybe?

#2. has 'new' feel to it. arrow makes things feel cluttered. either use the arrow or the EP. might look nice if you enlarge/stack the federal credit union and utilize the arrow.

#3. no.

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#1 The infinity comes with the "stuck in the loop" interpretation. The execution looks quite a bit like a map on a road. And above all the symbol looks sort of perched on a stick and about to fall over, because the left part is heavier.

#2 That's one mighty funky P... the shape of its bowl steals the show, I just can't focus on anything else in that version.

#3 If the leaf is gone, I think this one has the most potential.

Have you played with the uppercase E and P for the symbol? The lowecase p's descender is what might be making things hard...

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#1 - I like the general direction but the connection between two letters bothers me a little, although I'm not sure why; don't care for "federal credit union" being in all caps

#2 - I kinda like it; I agree with apankrat that the "p" shape is a little distracting; again I don't care for the all caps although split into 2 lines it doesn't bother me as much

#3 - I'd vote no on the big leaf; it seems a bit of a stretch for a credit union; the "ep" itself is nice and I like the lower case "credit union"

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I agree with the above. I am liking 1, but more work on it being more fluent and flowing. Too much contrast between straight and curve and the contrast is sudden.

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I'm glad to be hearing some positive feedback about the first idea as it is my favorite concept of the bunch. I do agree with most comments here that there seems to be something off with the balance and connection of the E and P in this logo. Do you guys think the following image is an improvement in this regard?

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I almost see a tree :-)

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I see a wind-up key

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I see the Tootsie Pop owl winking at me.

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It's a shame they don't want to play up their roots. Here you have a credit union, an organization that handles peoples money, established for the benefit of the people who actually make the money! That background should inspire trust, even as they target an expanded membership base.

There are incredible design possibilities that could be built from that concept, but that doesn't appear to be along the lines of what you're tasked with.

I, too, see a wind-up key in your latest design, as well as a scatological reference. Kind of hard to avoid that when you have two adjacent round forms with a descender between them.

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