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Clip is a display typeface inspired by the shape of a paperclip, but it’s not designed with the usual minimalistic modular approach. Instead, Clip mimics the construction, proportions and contrast of classic bold text typefaces and has one unique characteristic: each of its characters is drawn with only one single line.

Clip family consists of 3 fonts, Hair, Light and Regular, each with 745 glyphs (supporting more than 70 latin based languages), 4 stylistic sets and advanced OpenType features. When Stylistic set 1 is activated, the overlapping loops contract, giving the text a whole new character. Moreover, every uppercase character is also available in an ornamental swash variant, which means most of the capitals have four different versions.

Get some extra details here.

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Glad to see this completed. Absolutely wonderful.

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Wow. Tremendous!

Love the delightfully loose composed words (and, for, on).

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Very clever!
I love this sort of creative implementation of OpenType features.


Taking a line for a walk — Paul Klee

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Clip has it all—concept, legibility, and it looks good. Nice work!

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Well done!

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Looks very nice!

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Great work, Ondrej. Your site is down, btw!

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thanks everybody! i really appreciate your comments.

(Stephen: the server crashed earlier today so maybe it's still a little bit unstable, but it seems to be working at the moment. will ask my hosting people.)

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congratulations, beautiful type family.

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What fun! Fantastic! :^)

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Quite amazing, good job!

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Nice font, Ondrej! Congratulations!

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The quote are quite nice. Well done!

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fantastic! won't you draw cyrillics, Ondrej?

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@andrij: i just tried to sketch some letters and it seems it could work. not sure about the lowercase though... i'm busy with some other projects now, but i would definitely like to try it later. when the day comes, would you be interested to give some feedback? i really haven't done any cyrillic yet, you know.

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Funny and beautiful. Great job!

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Wow. Congratulations! I know why I love type-designer ... raving lunatics all over the world :)

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Strange, still does not work for me. No connection.

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The site works just fine for me.

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it seems that few internet service providers have the ip of my servers blocked in their settings for some reason, so if you can't access my site, please try it from some other place, a phone or something like that. thanks! sorry about that guys.

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Are you in Egypt?

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Chris - Hah!
Richard - Nope. No connection to the domain.
Ondrej - I tried a Traceroute from my connection (Comcast in US). You might tell your host that this is where the connection breaks down:

11 ( 218.188 ms * 199.096 ms
12 ( 200.417 ms 203.662 ms 205.028 ms
13 ( 204.653 ms * 206.564 ms
14 ( 209.646 ms 209.153 ms 213.415 ms
15 * * *
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *

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thank you stephen. i sent the report to my hosting provider.
i uploaded a screenshot of the site here:
there are some extra details and all opentype features explained in it.

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i would be glad to help, Ondrej!

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I like it. Congratulations!

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Creazy how it is so much more readable on smaller sizes.

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Your mastering of the letter’s details is fabulous.

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It's really wonderful.

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