Custom Lettering for Fashion Retailer

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I've been away for a while, but I'm back with a new logo that needs critiquing. The company produces and sells high-fashion jewelry and other related products. The lettering is built from scratch. How does it look?
Any comments appreciated.

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Smart, but the A's look too short and a bit too narrow. You might want to rethink the bottom right of the Ns. I'd like to see them going into more of a point.

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I like the Ns. It's the As and S that bother me. Maybe making the top of the As blunt like the bottom of the N would work? I'm definitely no expert, but I like how this is looking.

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The A's look a couple of points smaller than the rest of the style - give them a bit more overhang and make them a bit wider, I'd suggest. Maybe poke down the crossbar a little bit. And maybe kern the second one a bit tighter with the L and the N?

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The N is great, really great! The others not so great. A: The bar needs lowering, and perhaps some more weight. I would also try slimming the left leg. I agree with Letterjay about the apex. H: The stems are too heavy. It could also be slightly wider. L: Heavy stem and spindly right side (terminology?). S: Try examining some other didones (might I suggest Didot Elder with it's unique terminals) to see how they solve it. These are always tricky to get right. The apostrophe: Bigger, more dramatic!

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