Afrobeat Font Family

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Hello guys,
i just wanted to announce the afrobeat font family.

have a nice day

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Nice one! :-)
However, I think the Release section of the forum is a better place for the announcement.

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It says ‘+WEB’ on the myfonts site.
Just out of curiosity: how do you hint a font like that?
And is there a website that already features the web-version of your font?

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@JoergGustafs I have been in a exposition about african art, and I was so impressed by all the geometrical elements. So after that work on some illustrator brushes...and than afrobeat font born.

on myfonts you can buy the web-version.


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It's funny that you would tag this "afro", given that geometric type has a history going back to European modernism (Futura, Bayer Universal &c.) and Art Deco, and that in type "afro" is traditionally connoted by Koch's Neuland, and associated with pre-European "ethnicity".

However, this is in no way a criticism. Perhaps the most geo font of all time was for the Mexico Olympics, connoting Aztec culture (and contemporary Op art).

If the afro beat is what inspired the font, go with it!

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Just a curiosity: have you tried for 'e' a joining between curve and stroke like the one you used on '2'?

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