New Urban Outfitters Sans

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Does anyone know this sans being used by Urban outfitters on their updated website? They are using it on the main page ( for the header and the secondary navigation, as well as on their blog ( in various places. It looks a bit like Planeta from Gestalten, but there are more alternates and a different lower case.

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Priori is really close but the details are off just a touch. I wonder if it is a custom.

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I think it's custom or they're mixing different typefaces. The navigation on the home page and the secondary type on the sample above doesnt have the same lowercase a as the head in sample above (which does look like Priori) does. The blog seems to mix up typefaces, too -- "What's New" uses what looks like a Priori sans a yet has a very square h and s.

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There is alt versions of Priori.

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There's a few hints of old skool Johnston/Gill in there too.

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It does look like p22's Underground but perhaps there is an alternate "a"?

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