Handwritting font 80's style

Can someone help me ID this handwriting style font from the 80s. I need some help with album art. See example below attached



Well, it’s handwritten. No font.

You could actually, er... you know... write something, using a brush, pen or other implement.

Thanks for replies. I dont own a stylus so I was wondering if there was something I could do. I dont have much visual artistic ability, I am a musician.

If anyone wants to help me out please let me know :)

Looking for somewhat similar styles, I saw Sincerely, based on an old script by Karlgeorg Hoefer called "Elegance" that shows up in the Solotype Catalog (p. 96). The weight is too light, but added stroke would produce something with a feel like the handwritten lettering on the album, in my opinion.

- Mike Yanega

I'm with Nick Cooke, do it old skool by hand and scan it in. If you're writing is not up to scratch try and find a local calligrapher or somesuch.

Yea I agree now that I got the feedback.

I will try to find someone to do it for me because I dont think I have the skills.

If anyone here is up for it please let me know, I cant offer much compensation but I can give credit on album liner etc...

email : benjaminmiron at gmail dot com