Please help improve my web design business logo

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I am currently thinking about ways to make my logo more memorable. I am running a web design business, but rarely venture out into logo design.

The logo should be as simple as possible, so as to not distract from the portfolio on my website. It shouldn't be too high either, so it fits neatly in the header of the website.

Please let me know if you think that I am on the right track here or what could be improved.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Well, these are certainly "designer gears" - they look pretty, but they can't spin! :)
Don't take it the wrong way. but have you considered talking to a logo designer? Some of the guy are incredible at twisting their brains and conceptualizing... you said you wanted it memorable, in which case it really needs an outstanding concept on top of great execution.

What I am getting at is that a pair of gears is not exactly memorable, it needs something else, an AHA moment. For example, quirky locked-up gears could actually work if the lock-up condition is emphasized (and coupled with a semi-humorous tag line), but then it becomes a perception issue of your company being great at design but ignorant of engineering details. Another idea to explore would be to try and build gears out of, say, ampersands...

In short - you need a better concept.

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Gears say factory not creativity.

You do Web. bits (obviously) references the digital world. use it. keep it simple.
pay me.


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Haven't you redesigned this logo about five times already?

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, Alaskan is totally right. I have already redesigned this about five times already. Designing a logo for yourself can be quite tricky... I should really get a professional and pay him / her...

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