New Chank Freefont: PANEFRESCO!

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The new Panefresco font comes in 16 weights. And it's free free free!
Come get it from Fontsquirrel:

Panefresco was created in part to help teachers.You can read a bit more about the Panefresco fonts:

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Free TrueType fonts and of such nice quality? Nice. By commercial use, I'm guessing that means for your business? Do you have to pay if you want to use Font Squirrel's fonts on a personal design?

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is there a particular reason why you reversed the ‘conventionally right’ contrast?

Sorry, I just read on your site that the slanted font was slanted back upright.

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Nice, but undone. The fonts don't share the same gylph sets. So made some real style linked useful weights is quite a lot of work.

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@AdamC - About the only thing you may not do with Panefresco and other OFL'd fonts/faces is sell'em as a separate product. Designing stuff with'em, be it for yourself or others, commercial or not, qualifies as use.

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