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Please ID this slab serif used by Facebook.

Sorry, very small reproduction.


The closest I could find was Kontour's Odile alternate, which has similar letterforms, but your sample looks even more slab-ish.

I think it's a new slab to me, or else it's using an alternate 'a' I didn't know about.

- Mike Yanega

It may be PF Centro Slab, which has an alternate 'a' like this. I will need to update the Serif Guide to reflect this other 'a'.

- Mike Yanega

Dear Quadrato,

It is Vista Slab by Xavier Dupré, published by Emigre.


Thanks a lot.

The Centro and Vista Slab fonts were pretty close, but Vista seem more condensed, so I agree with SB. Even though I couldn't get the alternate 'a' in the test drive, you can see how similar they are structurally.

The top one is Centro Slab.

- Mike Yanega