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Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the realms of Typophile and graphic design, in about 15 days I begin my Bachelor of Design,

My father, brother and I are partners of this company and I, due to my chosen career path, was tasked with assembling an identity.
The business is called China CV, I wasn't allowed to play with the name, its a online service that in 24 hours, using real people who can read/write both English & Chinese, translates your resume & other professional documents from English to Chinese.

This is what I've come up with -

The typeface is up for discussion, I used Lato because it is using a Free-Font License (as far as I'm aware this included commercial ventures but if i'm in the wrong I'd love if someone gave me the heads up?).

I based it on Chinese coin designs that were used for centuries, in hindsight it kind've looks like a bank, which isn't a bad thing necessarily as we are involved in e-commerce, which is renowned for 'dodgeyness'.

Tell me what you think!


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It's nice, I like the simplicity. A couple of suggestions:
• The logo could do with some optical correction. Inner square should be slightly lighter than the outer circle as curves need more weight to look balanced. Horizontal lines of the box should be thinned slightly in relation to the verticals to look the same weight.
• Due to the interaction between the circle and the square, you should make the circle slightly superelliptical (pull out the bcps slightly away from the nodes). That way you'll avoid the optical illusion that the circle is slightly diamond shaped.
• Check the spacing around the logo. I'd suggest it should be about the same as the space between letters. Unfortunately with the shapes of the A and C surrounding the logo, you'll still end up with white triangles next to the circle. However, this can easily be put to use and solved by moving the logo upwards from the baseline.

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I too like it (maybe not that fond of the purple ;-)
It has something of a bank about it, but the type counterbalance that.
Have you tried rotating the logo 45°? (in doing so you could subliminally refer to CV without actually “playing with the name”)

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Good comments above. The only thing I would add is that putting the symbol between CHINA and CV is not really working to me. It reads too much like a wannabe letterform, and breaks up the readability of the name. How about a more traditional layout with the text below the symbol? Or an option with the text to the right of the symbol?

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I didn't get the coin at all, even though I've routinely used similar coins in the past. I think this was primarily due to square stroke being of the same weight as a circle. So, to echo Bendy's first suggestion - make it lighter, and not just slightly.

Secondly, it may be worth noting that I keep seeing a pair of Playstation control buttons, one in another. Reducing the stroke weight will help getting rid of this association.

Lastly, I would have a look at typefaces that have circle(-ish) capital C, e.g. like that in Proxima Nova or Gotham. This should help tying the type to the mark.

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Agree about Gotham, that would go very well with the logo. But for me at least it is very much part of this decade's zeitgeist, which may or may not be a good thing.

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Hey guys,

Cheers for the suggestions and thoughts!
I'll work on some more options and bring them to the next meeting, Gotham is indeed a good idea.

Thanks again guys,


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I'm sure you've thought of this already, but be sure to get opinions from some Chinese folks, too, as graphics can sometimes have different meanings & associations in other cultures.

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Ben, I agree completely with your sentiments regarding Gotham. That's why I put Proxima first :)

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A structuring/layout option for this design could be something similar to this:

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