Coping with typophilia

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Coping with typophilia

Is there a cure?
Signs of typophilia (based on personal experience):
When you read a book and can’t enjoy it until you know what face(s) it is set in. When you can spend and hour weighing the merits of various interpretations of Caslon. When you wish you could use each of your thousands of fonts because, well, they are pretty. When you won’t eat at a resturaunt because the menu is printed in Times and doesn’t compliment the food. When you spend more time deciding what font to use for a paper than you spend deciding what to wear. When your occupation has nothing to do with typography but all the above is true, you have typophilia.
What do you do to cope with this problem? If you’d rather look at glyphs than go to a movie, something is wrong… if this illness can’t be cured can it at least be managed?

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You have come to the right place.

Stand up and say, “Hi, my name is Noah and I am a Typoholic.”

You have just taken your first step in our 12-step program.
Step 2 is becoming an “Uppercase Member” <>



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I seem to have lost most of mine. If you want to get rid of some of yours, feel free to send it over. ;-)

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Can it be managed? Yep, start making your own type!