Bright Grotesk

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Bright Grotesk is a new typeface I'm working on. It's a mixture of humanist & grotesk typefaces which is legible in small sizes yet charming in display sizes as well.

There's still lot's of inconsistencies here and there as I have only started working on it last week.

Any comments & suggestions to improve it is highly appreciated.

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This is gonna be wonderful! No suggestions for the moment other than the bold needs Something ;)

I'll come back to this later.

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Thanks Bendy! Yeah, I agree with the bold I'm not that happy with it either. I'm really a sucker at bold weights as you know.

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Great typeface! Spacing needs some work though.

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Spacing is not that great at the moment and I'm working hard on that.

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Added a thin weight and uploaded a new pdf above. Currently checking width & stroke consistency in all weights and will proceed with the italics once I'm happy with it.

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Made some changes in the lowercase 'a' & slightly reduce the bends of 'b, d, m, n, r, p, q' in the bolder weights. Is it better than the previous one?

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I'm not too much of a fan of a "top heavy a".

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I'm really liking this. So remember the pinch of salt, this is just some impressions...

I think the shape of the original /a/ was more in keeping with the bowl-and-stick letters; the horizontal part of the bowl now looks a bit too 'realist' rather than humanist or grotesque. But I agree the weight wasn't right in the bolder weights, and a more monoline approach works better.

Leg of /k/ in latest sample 'cupcake' looks like the strokes are not parallel. Overall shape needs a bit of fiddling I think. It's too wide?

Generally to me the straights look heavier than the rounds...especially /b/, /d/ etc. You'll need to balance that out.

Tail of /j/ looks out of place...again a more monoline approach will harmonise best I think. Curve of J needs smoothing at SE section.

Love the way the spurs on /b/, /m/, /r/ etc are curved. On bolder weights they may not be long enough, need to descend/ascend further?

In lighter weights, /S/ and /s/ need more curl in the spine, they look a bit limp and flat.

I understand the historical reasons for the choices on the heads of /t/ and /1/ but I think it's not necessary to have those curves there. I'd prefer straights.

/N/ looks wide, especially in the bold weight.

Bold /8/ looks unbalanced, and the bold /2/ needs more bowl and is possibly a fraction too light. /5/ is possibly falling left.

Great design, keep it up! :)

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Thanks Ben! As usual your comments are wise and detailed.

I have considered some of your comments and will post an update before the day ends.

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Above is the latest update.

Below are some of the changes:
- updated the lowercase 'a'
- updated lowercase 'g'
- updated lowercase 'k'
- updated lowercase j as per Ben's comment
- updated lowercase 't' (You're right Ben now it is much more easier to read and the quirkiness feeling is gone too in the lighter weights since it is now straight)
- updated numeral '1' eliminating the curve
- updated numeral '2'
- reduced the overall width by 5% (previous width feels a bit too wide)

Let me know what you think guys =)

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looking at the word baraka it seems restless and I think this is down to bottom of the b
I know it rhymes with the other stroke endings but I catches the eye. could it be eliminated or reduced.
This is a great face by the way

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The caps are gorgeous.

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