mystery handwritten font

This is a pretty haggard font, also because I put a gradient map over the text to make it more visible. It is not hand drawn or handset as it appears to be. I've seen this graphic designer use it many times. It looks expensive, something like YouWorkForThem would showcase. Any ideas? -thanks


It would be easier to recognise if you posted the original image.

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There’s something of a simplified blackletter about it.

I've looked in a number of places, but have only been able to find fonts with a similar feel which are not identical to your sample.

Here are some that I thought were either close in letterforms, or overall look: Lions Den, Matterhorn, Lucidity, Amarelinha and LD Absurd.

My feeling after searching MyFonts with as many keywords as I could think of to describe this is that this is probably a custom (personal) font, that could be drawn by anyone and made for $10. Even though this font has a 'style' in these squared off tall letters, it is like any other hand-drawn font that could be made by anyone. I checked Abstract Fonts for freebies, but this was not in their collection either.

- Mike Yanega