Wood Type Improv Postcards - Silver on Bordeaux

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This set of two woodtype improvisations, is printed in silver ink on Plike, the new sheet from Gruppo Cordenons.
The two designs are printed on the same sheet (8"x6.375"), but can be cut apart to make two 4" postcards.
(If I can find that perforating rule, I may perf them, but I don't know how well they would separate.)

These designs are printed directly with type from our original 19th century Wood Type collection, along with small icons and copperplate cuts. They are 'improvisations' made in the moment, and printed on stock off cut from other jobs.

The paper, Plike, has a solid matte color and a unique rubberlike quality. Hardly the typical letterpress sheet, but it takes the ink and impression beautifully.

Printed on our 1930 Miehle V36 Cylinder Press at Slow Print Letterpress. http://slowprint.com

Available at exquisiteletterpress.etsy.com

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