(x) Slightly flared sans - Hiragino Kaku Gothic W8 {Akira1975}

Hi all,

Any idea about the above typeface? At first I thought it might be something from House Industries, but I didn't see anything that matched in their collection. What the font suggests Titling Gothic FB; it's close but not quite. Any ideas?



It’s Hiragino Kaku Gothic W8, which is one of the Japanese fonts loaded on Mac OS X.

It seems to me this might be an old phototype font, and the flares are actually thorns - a thorn being the inverse of a trap, something intended to "melt away" to maintain a sharp corner, and not really part of the intended shape.

Ergo: you might figure out what the font is by imagining it without the flares.


Nevermind... :-/

OR: How old is that design?


set in Hiragino Kaku Gothic W8:

Thanks so much you guys. I think it definitely is Hiragino Kaku Gothic W8. It's an interesting thought about the flares, hrant, but I think it's most likely the system font. I scanned this from a book which was produced in 2005.

As always, much appreciated!

Hrant: Do you have any visuals examples of the effect? I've been thinking about something related for knocked out type: inverse inktraps.

I was going to scan something from my copy of Frutiger's "Type Sign
Symbol", but then I found this online - look at page 86 in this PDF: