ARS Maquette PRO - NEW type release

It's celebration time @ ARS Type!

Along with the launch of our new website, I'm proud to announce the official release of the redrawn and fully extended ARS Maquette PRO !

Completed in November 2010, this new version however, is much more than an upgrade. Not only was it extended with two versions of newly designed italics and a generous amount of features & alternate characters — it was completely redrawn, refined and extensively spaced & kerned (with the extensive help from Igino Marini-iKern) to fully excel in all its applications. Quite certainly for text and even more so for headlines, by introducing a unique new Display cut for all weights and styles.

ARS Maquette PRO page.
Read all about the design here.
Test ARS Maquette Pro.
Buy ARS Maquette Pro.

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marcox's picture

I considered Maquette for publication work when it was first released, but the lack of italics made that unworkable. Now it'll be a prime candidate for use in the next redesign/launch. Love the alternates.

Angus R Shamal's picture

Thanks Marc.

We are indeed quite proud of this version.
I hope it will work for just as well as we expect.

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