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(x) Font w/ clear differences between letters and numbers, to print serial numbers - various {gang}

any font recommendation for use on printing a serial number on a product box? Need one that has clear differences between 0 and O, between B and 8, and between S and 5, and I and 1. It has been more difficult than anticipated, and it has to be clear enough for even the elderly. Thanks!


Isonorm could work.

Mark Simonson's Anonymous.

- Lex

...or what about something more rudimentary, like Monaco?

Well, actually, one could be really rudimentary, and go with Courier, perhaps in a bold weight. Century Expanded is another popular choice.

Courier did cross my mind, but the zero/cap O characters were a bit close, whereas Monaco has the stroke through the zero.

These are characteristics shared with programming fonts, and OCR fonts.

thanks everyone. someone also recommended Consolas. I'll try all of these.

FF Axel.

Actium was designed with focus on weird combinations of letters. They even invented SmartCapo for this. Have a look at this: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/typemafia/actium/