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Hello, I've been working on some custom lettering that could potentially be used for our agency's corporate identity (if it turns out good enough). I'm at the point where I've been tweaking it and staring at it way too long, and can't tell what's working and what's not. Any feedback on overall balance, consistency, weight, color, etc. would be much appreciated. I'm not a type designer, so please don't omit any obvious issues!

(Don't pay any mind to the words themselves. They are just randomly chosen so I'm not showing everyone who I work for.)


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This is looking nice — only a couple things that stick out to me:

–The right leg of the 'R' seems like it should slide back toward the stem a bit; its stance feels rather wide.

–The 'M' feels quite wide; there's a big hole of white space in the central valley. I want to pinch the two sides in toward the center.

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^ yes, but don't narrow the entire /M/, just squeeze the "V" in its middle closed a bit (the horizontals at the top vertices will lengthen and the corners of the side counters will rise).

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Thanks for the feedback! I knew there was something off with the /M/. I first tried narrowing the entire letter, which, as eliason pointed out, wasn't the correct solution. Proportionally, I believe the /M/ should be about 120-130% wider than the /D/ or /E/. I'll have to try closing up the "V" in the middle, as you said.

Regarding the /R/, I typically like a wider stance, but that's just my preference. I'm planning on doing a bit of customization to a few of the letters after I get the general forms designed (once they are in the context of the logo) -- one of which may help out the /R/.

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Ill return some feedback for you too...

Try to make the terminals of the "C" horizontal, for better match with the "M".

Publish complete character set for more.

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Thanks, Alexander. I'll give that a try. I was trying to stay away from anything that would make it resemble Eurostile, but maybe the /C/ seems forced.

I'd like to do a complete character set, however I don't think I have the talent and/or patience. Just thinking about trying to design a nice two-story lowercase /a/ drives me insane.

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Nice one, "industrial superellipe design with nice quirks".

First of all i must say i'm no type designer at all!
I really do like the existing C, M, A, E – but don't like the R (something should be changed).
The legibility of the D could cause problems, if it's shown small (I resized your sample with PS to watch it smallish).

Regards T.

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Good stuff so far! Have you considered making the curve of the /D/ more consistent with that of the /C/ and /R/? It would balance it better as a letter I think for it to be slightly rounder.

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Sorry if this is dredging up an old topic. Things got crazy with actual paying client work and this internal project fell by the wayside. I'm hoping to revive it soon though and wanted to thank everyone for their input. I'll be considering it as I move forward.

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