Tell me what you see?!

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In lieu of giving a full description for the project, I'd like to say only that the client name is Annabel June. I'm curious to see how this logo is being interpreted, and if it is translating the way it should.


Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 10.15.35 AM.png29.71 KB
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I would interpret the logo as containing the letters "Le", although I'd also be inclined to think of it as a decorative swirl unless there were some context to help me interpret it as letters.

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That's what I was afraid you aren't reading an A at all?

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I see an A after you mention it.

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exactly my problem. What would bring out it's inner A while still maintaining this fluid line?

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I would make the left stem of the A heavier and the loops a bit lighter. I'd also want both stems a bit closer at the top. I find that line inside the right stem a bit distracting. I associate an inscribed line like this with carving or etching, rather than the fluid line of a pen or brush.

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I read "Le" as well. I think if it were paired with the words, I would get it right away. But without context, it's reading wrong.

I would try doing something different with the "loop" at the top of the left stem. To me, that is really what makes it look like an "L". Maybe have it curl in the other direction, or have it sweep in to the right, and taper toward the right stem as if it were going to join paths with the right stem.

Its a pretty nice-looking mark though. Good luck.

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I did not read the post, just clicked on the link and stared at the image, and I saw an A, not Le.

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some really great feedback guys, thank you! I'll get to work and post some edits.

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No A for up the apex and add some more angle to the down strokes.

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Here is my direction. Better? Worse?

EDIT: I can't upload this image at the moment, bear with me

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Le, then a weird ampersand

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Maybe try flipping it over a vertical axis?

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I see an A first then LE.

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The new stroke weights are better but that open apex is still a bit troublesome, especially as the loop on the top of the left one looks as if it is trying to grab the right to pull it closer.

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I read Ae and then without the hilight bit, just A. Maybe try scriptifying this basic shape:

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or this:

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Dave I really like what you are doing but I'd like to keep my overall shape because of a few subtleties I have built into the design.

The client works with weddings and by using the current form I'm able to reference two themes : a heart, and Infinity (both of which are indicative of marriage).

The main concern is for it to look like an A, but these subtitles are important (even if they go unnoticed)

So If there is a way I can tweak the current form to read "I'M AN A!" that would be great.

Thanks so much for your input guys, it's really helping me out.

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If the top swash of the left stem actually hooked itself around the loop of the right stem, which I already said it looks as if it wants to, you’d get a better heart shape and a clearer A.

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I think this reads as an A:

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so this is where I'm at. I think this is going to be the final?

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i think having the little swirlies at the top make it much more like an "A". I'm also getting an eiffel tower for some reason?

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if you commit to executing the mark with a calligraphic pen, you'll notice what comes naturally to the stroke & widths. I would recommend taking this back to pen & paper in that sense. Keep what you have conceptually and understand it more literally.

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Oh YES! Luma Wine's version reads much better as an A, but would need more interconnected tops.

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