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Rosetta Type Foundry announcement

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Rosetta Type Foundry announcement

Rosetta Type Foundry announced (Press release)
Strong focus on multi-script typography

Brno, Czech Republic (February 2011) The new independent type foundry Rosetta released its website (www.rosettatype.com) and online store on January 2011. The foundry intends to provide typefaces for new and rapidly growing markets that require special language support for particular orthographies, languages and writing systems.

Rosetta was created by David Březina and the prolific duo responsible for the successful foundry TypeTogether (www.type-together.com), Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. The three Co-Founders are graduates of the University of Reading, which has a long standing tradition of research in non-latin typography.

"Most of commercial fonts cover only the basic Latin alphabet and some accented letters that are used in languages such as English, Spanish or German, but that is not enough for Central-European languages, let alone regions that require different scripts such as India, Russia or the Middle-East" says David Březina, COO and Co-Founder of Rosetta. "As new economies expand, the need for high quality fonts that support their languages becomes evident and is long overdue".

According to recent studies* six of the ten most spoken languages of the world require a script other than Latin. Rosetta is a response to the increasing interest and need, within the global market, for multi-script typefaces that are both technically and aesthetically of the highest standard. "The goal is not only to publish more typefaces with broader language support, but also to promote research and build a knowledge base in that area. In order to create fonts that are respectful of the cultural heritage of the different languages and writing systems we are collaborating with experienced specialists and consultants." says Burian.

Up to this date, Rosetta's retail library features typefaces that provide support for pan-European Latin, Arabic, Greek, and Cyrillic for Slavic languages as well as for many Asian languages. This includes Maiola by Veronika Burian, Skolar, by David Březina, and Nassim and Aisha by Titus Nemeth, all of them award-wining typefaces. In the coming months Rosetta's library will be joined by more quality text faces for various scripts, including Devanagari and Gujarati. Additionally Rosetta announced that it is also catering tailored type design and font customization services for corporate use and OEM.

To find out more about Rosetta Type Foundry visit www.rosettatype.com or email info@rosettatype.com.

*Data source: Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 15th ed. (2005) & Wikipedia.org.