Typeface Comparison: Web Fonts... Tahoma vs. Verdana (IMAGE)

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Ok, so it is that inevitable time in every brand's life when it must be made into a website.

In this case the printed materials would use Gotham Narrow as a body copy font. The question is, which is more like Gotham Narrow: Tahoma or Verdana, and why?

I have adjusted size and tracking to get all three into the same basic space and configuration. Please forgive any little issues.

I am eagerly awaiting interesting comparative notes. Thanks in advance!

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I would say Tahoma. But I don't know how many non-Windows users will have it on their systems.

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True. Geneva as a back-up?

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Keep in mind that Geneva only comes in Regular. Also I don't know how many Linux or mobile users you are expecting.
Maybe in the end Verdana is the safer bet.

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Unix/Linux users might not be a great problem, not while the Core Fonts Project exists, anyway.

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Hmmm... perhaps Tahoma with a Verdana back up is the safest then. On the web Tahoma isn't used very commonly – probably for this reason – but that gives it a bit of an edge in uniqueness.

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Keep in mind tahoma has no italic, though :)

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IPad/iPod/iPhone: No Tahoma.

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Son of a... ok, ok Verdana it is. :) Thanks guys!

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Yeah. The italic is only in the commercial version of Tahoma. Bummer.

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I love Verdana the best!

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Targeting Windows users, you could also consider Corbel.

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