DBXL & FontFont Go (FF) Massive

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FF Massive is a typeface system designed by Amsterdam based designer Donald Beekman (aka DBXL). With original sketches dating back as far as 2001, FF Massive already has a long history and has since been used in many DBXL designs. It is suitable for logos, flyers, posters and magazine headlines. Be it Drum’n’Bass, Techno or Trance, FF Massive has a distinct musical background. With its 2010 release the FF Massive OT family was expanded with an extra outline version into eight different OpenType fonts, divided in four variations which together form a versatile typographic system. The eight different FF Massive variations enable the user to compose a number of combinations, which can lead to surprising results, especially with the use of contrasting colours. The fonts come with a PDF manual (1.4 MB) explaining how the FF Massive type system is best employed. Enjoy!

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