How to set Monospaced Numerals in indesign?

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Can anyone teach me set 「Monospaced numerals」 in indesign.


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Use a font that contains monospaced numerals. InDesign hasn't anything to do with it, it uses them as they come.

(There are fonts where the digits are designed to be monospaced but where custom kerning is used to move them together. If you suspect that's the case, set the kerning of your numbers to zero instead of "Metrics" or "Optical".)

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Actually, a few fonts come with proportional figures in the standard character position. In this case, using InDesign, select "tabular figures" for either a character or paragraph style, and apply that.

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Sure, Charles, but now you have to teach how one would know whether a font has both proportional and tabular numbers (*). In any case, my experience -- so far -- is that if a font has both, usually the "normal" (tabular) numbers are enabled by default.

Chung's image shows two different fonts, one with proportional digits and one with tabulars, and it's a fair bet those are not Opentype/Pro fonts (there aren't really that many "Pro" fonts; and, as you say, there's just a few that do come with multiple digit sets).

(*) The easy answer is "try it". If you can select a different style of digits, the font contains them. If not, the font doesn't.

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If you are using an Opentype font with multiple numeral styles, see here:

(Tabular Lining is probably what you want; the "Character panel menu" is opened by clicking on the little icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the Character palette).

If your font is not opentype or doesn't have multiple numeral styles, then make sure you choose a font whose default/only figure style is lining - not Georgia, not Impact, not Candara.

Your best bet is to try setting numbers in a few columns, and if they don't line up, see if you can access the opentype Tabular Lining feature, and if not, try another font.

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Got it, Thanks all^^

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