Can anyone identify this modern font please?

Can anyone identify this modern font please?

Many Thanks



That's not a lot to go on. Do they use this lettering on anything else?

Also, please, can you edit this title to include 'sans', because usually 'modern' is a term for a high contrast serif typeface. This title is too close to the generic 'identify this font' title that usually accounts for almost half the threads. There's almost no good way to find the thread again if we can't find the answer in a few minutes.

For this thread "'nine hours gh' soft sans" would be much easier to find again. Thanks.

- Mike Yanega

That surely says "9h". Or is meant to. :)

I think the "9h" bit is custom, myself. The h is different from the rest of the type, which frankly is too small to see properly.

I'm going to suggest DIN, but again the sample is a bit small to see.

- Lex

A few better images with the same type are available on 9hours website.

Yup, that's DIN.