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First post here, I've been a long-time silent reader of these forums and I've always been impressed with the insightful, helpful critiques offered. So now I’d appreciate some feedback on the attached logo.

The company is an analytical laboratory, dealing with a large variety of materials characterization, field services, consulting and litigation support, and most recently software design (really they’re all over the place).

They wanted to simplify and refresh their previous logo, but still retain a level of professionalism and make it friendlier and approachable. The symbol references their involvement in all stages of the product life cycle, the 3 core business components, and is suggestive of a microscopy lens aperture.

We've gone through many different iterations, and this is the final contender. Please let me know what advice you have. Thanks much!

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I think the basic idea is sound enough, the two fonts used and their weights match reasonably, and the spacing generally is fine (although I would let the logo circle overhang the bottom edge a bit more, it's onptically centered a bit above the text... also perhaps space out the SC Sans a bit more).

Two queries:

1. Why all the different cases and sizes? Does the word "Group" have to be in small caps? Does the tagline? Does every word of the tagline have to be capitalised? CamelCase is very unfortunate visual effect.

2. The logo - besides the rather common style - why the sickly primary-green colour? Also, look at the very different effect of the three counter spaces in the "circle" - the almost straight curve in the bottom-right hand corner, the flared one in the bottom-left, and the curve-meets-straight-line top-left. Maybe these can be made a bit more unified? Same with the shape of the "leaves" - the little one is curvy and bouncy, like a jumping fish, while the biggest one is practically sleeping in comparison.

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To comment on the mark -- I realize and appreciate it's a Möbius strip, but a twisted strip is pretty generic as far as its use in logos goes. Rogers has it, Microsoft uses it for various products, lots and lots of other logos have it, just flip through Logopond. It is just not distinct on its own.

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Great comments from Birdseeding. The "ee" vs. "ROUP" thing really stuck out for me - try it with either lowercase or small caps for BOTH. And I'd definitely try putting the "DELIVERING SCIENTIFIC RESOLUTION" in all-small-caps, without the big "D", "S" and "R". And the neon green feels painfully bright to me. Not sure how it'd look in print.

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agree with the generic mark. you might get something similar if you stylize the letters RJ? maybe create somekind of lens/aperture feel out of the letters. both have a nice curved feel to them.

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Agreed about the all small-caps for the tagline. The word group is in small caps as a way to slightly emphasis the the company’s combined expertise. The ceo has always wanted the company to be presented as a "group". However, other concepts that placed greater emphasize on group were nixed and this very subtle approach was settled on.

apankrat hola – I’ve never seen the Rogers logo before, thanks. Agreed it is somewhat generic, they are fond of it however as it does meet a lot of their criteria. I’ve tried RJ combos, maybe I’ll revisit that. I’ll see what I can do…

Thanks for the comments! I’ll try to post an update later.

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Having the word group in the name presents the company as a group — you don't need to emphasize it. Trying to emphasize it with small caps also just looks silly.

Side note — apparently something with the image does not play well with Chrome, because when I was reading the comments and everyone was saying the mark was green I thought I had suddenly gone color blind. Then I checked the thread in firefox and safari and found the problem was with Chrome.

Chrome Screenshot:

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Thanks for the advice. I kept the case the same, I'll see about the symbol now...

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I wonder whether this logo would benefit by having only sans-serif type. With small case letters included of course.

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