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OASE #74 Condensed Sans

The condensed orange gradient typeface here is something I am curious about - love the numerals - it is not far away from MVB Solano (http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/mvbfonts/solano-gothic-mvb/) - but not quite...

Any ideas?

Your time and knowledge is, as always, much appreciated!




Also very similar to http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/parachute/pf-din-text-comp-pro/regular/

but the '4' is open in DIN...

Any ideas out there?

Any ideas out there?


Perhaps you can e-mail the designer, Karel Martens?
mail (at) werkplaatstypografie (dot) org

Good luck!


thanks for the mail - have fired off in hope!

Just to say

- Karel kindly got back - this is Monotype Grotesque Extra Condensed for anyone interested - one of those 'should have thought of that hits!' - and proof again that looking back at the older (ignored) faces is usually useful!

thank you for your hep Karel and Pieter!