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What type trade could be

Here is proposal to make type trade more suited to nowadays:

Aware of the overwhelming aspects of type mutations of type and times forthcoming, we decided to make evolve our trade policy as following:

1. We remind to all of you our values of independance & strive of high standards of quality
2. We took into consideration the fact that the type market is now split in two: branding vs texting
3. We shall further fight against type piracy, which is no noble hacking but first and foremost stealing our work, preventing us from earning revenues we need to live decently and fairly from our skills and business
4. Therefore we decided our clients and public should be even better guided according to their actual needs and affordance (the price the customer can afford to pay)
5. Here is now our guidance :

6. Label : to prevent piracy and get better evidence of it, all our of exclusive typeface will be labelled (digitally tatooed with random order number within copyright of type file) according to the line of products (red or black line) and per licensee. Any typeface without label or with irrelevant or fake label is therefore a proof of piracy/copyright infringment.
7. “Digital packaging” : usb key (metal or wood) available upon request

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As a practical consideration, the English definition of "affordance" does not apply in this context; "cost" would be a better alternative.

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Same with 'texting' -- as that is the act of sending (SMS) text messages from your (GSM) telephone.