Does this have potential?

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Hello everybody,

I've been working on Sensato Display, which I assumed would be great for fashion design. However, when I compared it to Didot the contrast turned out to be rather mild. Underneath is are the first few glyphs from a version of Sensato with really high contrast. I don't know of any sans-serif with such a high contrast and I don't feel like it lacks serifs (That's what I expected to see), so I'm pretty happy with it so far. Although it's just a few glyphs, I hope you are able to judge it's potential. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Cheers, Jasper

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I don't have any technical advice, but generally speaking, I can see myself using this as a headline/display font for something like a high-end watch, classy fragrance, or up-scale alcohol ad. I don't think you can really go wrong with pursuing this direction.

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Certainly press on, but note that the premise will be trickier with letters other than the ones you have here. Sketching the /A/E/S/T/U/ and the u&lc diagonal letters will be a good test of its plausibility.

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Like a classier Optima.

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Thanks guys. I'll upload an update with full a-z and A E T U soon!

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Very nice work.

I really like the contrast between the sharpness of the terminal and the tail on the letter a with the smoothness of the bowl. The balance bewteen the stem and the lobe on the on the d seems just right to me.

It has a slight 1920s/1930s feel to it and it's stylish and clean. I can definitely see it becomeing a sought after font.

< grins >

If you need a beta tester, I'm your man!

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Thanks. What do you mean by beta tester?

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You might want to study Signata by Bernd Möllenstädt.

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Thanks! That's a great typeface and useful comparison.

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Yes! :,)

Although the baseline terminal of the /a/ might want some re-checking.... Maybe it could have something more like the /d/.

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Yes, your right about that. I hadn't noticed it so thanks for sharing!

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Very promising, go for it! The typeface do have a potential. For example as a headline magazine typeface.

Keep up the good work.

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Looks great Jasper! Definitely worth pursuing and would like to see the full alphabet =)

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Here's the lowercase of Sensato in 4 Grades. Hope you like it!

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very very nice!
Maybe you could make the r’s arm a bit bigger.

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Thanks :D. I think you're right about the r.

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Very nice and harmonious. I like the heaviest gradebest reminds me of Legacy.

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Thanks =D

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