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My husband asked me to create identity of his new business called Ali haiki, for accounting and finance services (financial controlling, accounting, audit, business plans and strategies). IT has to be, clean, simple,young, shows professionalism and seriousness, but still firendly not aggressive.

Here's what I've reached.

My experience in design is still little, but this is to enrich my experience and enhance my portfolio, so every comment is appreciated. Thanks!

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A couple random notes:
- Why the period?
- The tight spacing makes the A_l gap more evident.
- Not sure about the dotless i.

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- Why the period?

The company does all accounting services from A-Z. So it can help you to reach final results to aid you future plans. So the dots have moved to the end ( Final results) smoothly and flawlessly.

- The tight spacing makes the A_l gap more evident.

Yeah. the A is causing problems, obviously. I like the typeface though. I tried to make the spacing bigger, but it looks totally different then.
Do you suggest anything else?

- Not sure about the dotless i.
Not readable?

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Trying to loosen spacing a bit could improve the flow.
Regarding A, you could try a slanted one, with a vertical right stem.
If the period is part of the logo, the byline should be centered accordingly.
My gripe with dotless i is that it draws attention on something missing, which I’m not sure is desirable for accounting ;-)

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I am waiting for someone to say "your tittle fell off"...

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@riccard0 - Isn't that a part of what accounting is about?

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@ Té – It all depends on what is missing and whose attention it draws ;-)

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@Luma Vine - I think that's only because the image in the link is huge. when using it in a smaller scale it is fine. In the end it will probably never be used in that size :)

@ riccardo & Té Rowan - This company will be working with companies who don't want to hire an accountant. A company who want to outsource one. About the dotless i, think if Ali Haiki is readable without it, then that's exactly what I meant. The dot in the end draws attention to the missing dots and only then, it makes sense. :)

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A new version - Riccardo's comments:

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I'll echo Luma's comment. This may be something only type folks would read into the mark, but it appears that the i dropped the ball.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear (and perhaps a bit too snarky), but I meant that it appears that the dot of the /i/ fell off the top and landed to it's right as a period. I find that to lack the reassurance that I expect from an accountant.

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I see what you mean.

Are these any better? Or shall I start over? Any suggestions?

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I think in the beginning, you were saying "clean and simple" and so with that in mind...

I think you've decided to put the dots back on the "i's" which is a wise move. I think because the name of the company is not a normal english word, it's important to dot your "i's" so to speak. Perhaps try it in the same color, you know, for cleanliness.

I'm not thrilled about the biline font. perhaps try a sans serif font for the biline. Perhaps make it all caps so it's nice and blocky. Specifically, it's the two "A's in ALI and Accounting that aren't working together. Also, the ampersand is sort of jutting up and creating weird tension between the two lines of the logo.

However, I DO like the two blues together. Perhaps once you choose the font for the biline, make it one of your lighter blues. Where you have the two blues and the gray isn't working for simplicity.

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I think using a sans serif for second line would help immensely.

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There is still a few fixing here and there with strokes. Besides that, which one works best?

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3rd. But I would look for a wider sans.

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/Ha/ are slightly to far apart now. Al could be even more tight.

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I don't know exactly why but the 'a' in Haiki bothers me, I think it needs a bit of treatment.

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I agree with alienbreed. The 'a' is so awkward. I'm not a type designer so it is better than what I can do. The way the 'k' ends as well just isn't right.

Otherwise, illustarellite, I like the 3rd option. I think you have done well! Is the byline perfectly aligning to the logo though?

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Why don't you change your serif font because it's obviously making problems.

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