Need some input...

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This is a logo for my business, we do custom laser engraving/cutting. Which, if any do you prefer?

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The look is appropriate for what you do, but I'm not sure what the company's name is. Is it:

b emblematic


be emblematic

something else?


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The best type treatment is the first one (but I would give rounded terminals to the inside of e (like b).
As Jonathan said, the logo looks confusingly near and similar to the type.
Either you go with something like [e]mblematic or place the logo above the word.

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Definitely not B and not C. Too busy. The A option is Ok, but the (b) again looks a bit forced and unbalanced. At the very least I would try and match the curvature of the brackets ends' to the b's bottom curve, and add a bit more padding on b's sides.

Alternatively, have you considered something simpler, like so:

Round the square too perhaps.

(edit) Oh, may be even just stack b on top of first e of emblematic? I think your choice of typeface gives the logo plenty of character already, just need a little something extra to make it stand out a bit more.

(another edit) - why not try option C but drop the brackets?

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Have you considered making the "a" more stencil-like? If you were to actually laser-cut the logo, that "a"'s interior space would fall onto the floor :)

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Of the three I prefer the 1st one, although like Jonathan I'm not sure exactly how to read it. I think reversing it out, as apankrat suggested, has possibilities and may lead to a stronger graphic.

The proportions of your logo — very wide relative to the height — may lead to legibility problems in situations where the logo needs to fit into a small space, as you'll end up with tiny type.

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