Epson - Custom font?

My dear typophiles,
any idea what this is? It is what EPSON use as corporate typeface.
Is this available anywhere, and if not - is there anything close to it?
My sincerest thanks,


My darlings! 8 hours and no clues...
I thought this would be a piece of cake for any of you type knowledge junkies?
Don't let me down.


Since nobody helps you, I try to give you an explanation:

I entered those letters of epson.gif supplied by you here:

But this font identifier did not find a single matching font.

Therefore, it is very likely that Epson modified and mixed the letters of different existing fonts, for example the font "Handel Gothic", whose figures "1" and "2" and whose letter "L" are very similar.

Thanks ever so much for taking the trouble.
By looking at it, I would have guessed that it's something tailor-made for EPSON.
And yes, it does have certain Handel Gothic allusions.
Additional pointers welcome, my type darlings!
Always yours, Elton

I am getting at Neo Tech/Sans vibe.