new arts/design collective used my font suggestion! link here

So not too long ago (past few weeks) I answered yet another font/typeface query from a friend. He said he wanted something that will do justice to his brand in one letter or less. I made a rough monochromatic rendering of the glyph by hand, on a 20x30 canvas, using spraypaint and stenciling, took it to their studio, and it was enough to convince them. Score!

Can you name the typeface I suggested to them? It's at the bottom of the page, far left.

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Are looking for this? That is a custom made monogram from the letter G and J (John Galt).

If you are looking for a typeface with a similar looking G try Democratica.

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Hmmm..not quite.

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I am so confused by this post.

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The gobbledygook prose style reads like spam, but what is this? some sort of guessing game? who cares?

Go on, put us out of our misery. Please tell us the font you suggested, we're collectively dying to know.

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Wait, what? The only thing you forgot is to offer some prize money for a correct guess...

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Sorry to drift off-topic, but where does this habit of starting a new thread with "So" come from? For a while I used to think some previous sentences had been accidentally deleted. Is it for dramatic effect, as if we're all sitting round a dining table and there's been an awkward lull in the conversation? "So, anyone for more rice pudding?"

Perhaps we can guess the missing first paragraph.

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So ... I've been considering my own online behaviour recently which at times can be a bit snide. This thread is unfortunately turning into an example of exactly what I don't want to be.

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Sorry, I had it down as spam.

It was the 'So...' that irked me too - I'm a bit abrupt sometimes. I thought it looked familiar.

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On a related note, what are the legal or ethical issues with the idea of using a single, unaltered glyph from a font as a logo?

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As often happens, it depends on the EULA.

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Well, the EULA governs the usage of the font file (and you're right, riccard0, some foundries make particular provisions for such use and some don't), but someone who, say, traces a letter from an online source may never see the EULA. And in such a case the "ethical issues" are indeed of interest!

(Let me underscore that this tracing scenario is a hypothetical for argument's sake, not an accusatory guess at what happened in the case that occasioned the original post...)

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