My own logo [ critique please ]

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Can I get a critique on this logo?

It is to represent me as a graphic designer.
I work as a freelancer and will eventually be looking for work within a firm.

This logo is the first letter of my first name ( Mike )
Do you think it is too weak to use my first name to rep. myself?

I am aiming for something simple that will describe my personal style.

Any feedback appreciated!

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I'd make the lines thicker. But my first thought when I saw it was the Motorola logo.

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Even though there are similar shapes and the "M"- don't you think the style differs enough? [ especially if I use silkscreen / stamp method on my applications ? ]

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's too similar to use. There are definitely differences, and anyway it's probably impossible to design any logo that isn't similar to some other existing logo. But it popped into my mind when I saw yours so I just thought I'd mention it.

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No critique - like it.

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Although not an M, your logo reminds me of one of my favourite marks...

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I quite like it. First thought is that it looks a little harsh with the 4 disconnected feet. Have you thought about connecting the middle two with a horizontal line? A bit like the Monocle logo I guess.

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1. What sort of clients do you hope to work for?
2. What is the greatest value you have to offer (code, layout, print, web, type design %c)?

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a bit like this - hope you don't mind me messing with it.

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Paul, this guy may object -

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@apankrat its different in a lot of ways :S

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I suppose he might if he were paranoid and standing on his head.

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Point being that it is not too original. Nice though, and there's a mountain reference, which is a bonus for someone from Vancouver.

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Simple. I like it. Not much to critique except that I agree with apankrat on originality. maybe what makes you different is how you apply it.

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Thank you for all your comments

I think your right when you say it is not possible to design any mark that is not similar to another,
although we all try our best to combat this, it is not always possible when within a brief.

thanks for putting that together, I think the connecting of those 2 lines works quite well.
I am going to explore with the connectivity of the lines.

@Christopher Dean
I am a graphic designer, still discovering my niche.
I need more time to explore design in general in order to specify myself as a certain designer.
Although I have been formally trained in print.

happy you recognized the subtle ( or not so subtle ) ref. to mountains

Looking at options for embossing right now actually

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It's a good brandmark and will probably make a pretty nice 16 pixel button.

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I like the inverted V's pattern. You can make the 'top' one larger to get a perspective 3D effect. What I do not like is the black circle background - it overwhelms the design. The inverted V's pattern by itself can stand out in black or another color (teal?) without a background.

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i like it, just one question, why have you trapped yourself in that circle?

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I think the M is sugguestive of other characters. My first impression wasn't "It's an 'M'". I was more like "Yeah I see the 'M', but there is something else there. 2 'A's' possibly.

But you were just intending on creating an 'M'. Maybe something worth considering?

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It's got a bit of the new Vancouver Whitecaps logo in it, which is probably fine. But somehow there's still not enough to it.

How does it look when you lock it up with your name? How versatile is it? And how does it work if you don't put it in a circle? Within the circle, it seems a bit spindly to me especially if you put it small on a business card.

Also: where's your portfolio?

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Mike, IMO, there's no need to post a link to your portfolio here like "tmac" has asked. It's not always wise to link your professional website to a critique never know when a potential client will Google you, and discover some anonymous comment tearing down your work-in-progress.

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It's too late for that, Google will find you weather you link your site to a forum or not. And as long as you don’t speak out of line or say anything offensive you’re fine. That, and any employer who hires someone based on how you spend their leisure time is probably someone you’d rather not work for. Also, after 5 seconds of searching I found both.

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Really, being from Vancouver I was just curious what Mike's work was like. I seem to be getting a lot of resumes lately, and I also know of a good number of small, medium and large firms that are hiring.

I don't see how it's a bad thing that his portfolio would be viewed by a whole bunch of people and it would give a sense about how the mark fits the work.

Mike, you asked:
Do you think it is too weak to use my first name to rep. myself?

I don't think it sounds weak at all. Your mark also reminds me of the Lions (2 big snowy peaks visible from town).

Best of luck,

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Thank you all again for you comments,
quite helpful

I have tried many variations of this mark-
I think connecting the two sets of lines in the center worked quite well
( Apul, I hope you don't mind me using your suggestion )

It brings strength to the mark sort of like these :

Seems quite unbalanced without the circle
but I think for print material, I am going to go all black with a emboss for the logo.

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Luma - I think your two posts are great supporting evidence to my previous comment.

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